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British Painting from Turner to Whistler at Fondation de l'Hermitage [Lausanne]

A corporal in the Scots Fusilier Guards has arrived home in the early hours of the morning after completing a tour of service fighting in the Crimean War (March 1854 - Feburary 1856). His wife and mother put down their sewing and reading to embrace him as
Home (The Return from the Crimea) The Royal Collection © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

British Painting from Turner to Whistler is the first exhibition devoted to British Victorian paintings in a Swiss museum and is intended to reveal the many artistic directions that dominated the visual arts in Britain after the death of Constable. Included in the exhibition are three works on loan from the Royal Collection which showcase the richness and diversity of paintings made during this period. Frank Holl, No Tidings from The Sea provides an example of a direct commission by Queen Victoria with the subject left to the painter's discretion. Also on loan is Sir Joseph Noel Paton’s, Home.

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