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Eros and Psyche: a poem in XII measures


RCIN 1121523

Eros and Psyche: a poem in XII measures©

Aphrodite, envious of Psyche’s beauty, demands her abandonment on a mountain. Eros saves her, but woos her in the dark, forbidding her to see him. Her jealous sisters goad her into disobedience, and she drops hot oil from a lamp onto him, whereupon he and his palace vanish.                      








Eros and Psyche: a poem in XII measures©

Psyche, abandoned by Eros for daring to look at him, is set impossible tasks by Aphrodite, her sworn enemy. The goddess, accompanied by her doves, shuts Psyche up with a large heap of varied seeds, to be sorted out by morning. A swarm of ants assist. 

Acquired by Queen Mary, 1935

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