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Recreation of Queen Victoria's Watercolour Album

Royal Bindery working on facsimile

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert compiled numerous albums of various media together during their marriage - Victoria often noted in her journal the couple spending happy, quiet evenings organising and looking at their albums of watercolours, prints and photographs. Of all of her albums, the Queen seems to have most prized a sequence of nine volumes containing watercolours organised chronologically, which she referred to as her 'View Albums'.

In celebration of the bicentenary of Victoria and Albert's births, the Royal Collection Trust has put on a touring exhibition of 60 watercolours collected by the royal couple, Victoria and Albert: Our Lives in Watercolour. To accompany this exhibition students of The Queen's Bindery Apprenticeship Scheme in the Royal Bindery collaborated with the Print Room to recreate one of Victoria's treasured View Albums.

Watch this video to learn about the recreation ©

Victoria and Albert: Our Lives in Watercolour
The watercolours collected by Victoria and Albert documented their lives, private and official, together

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