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Case study

Conserving Holbein's 'Hans of Antwerp'

A major two-year project studied this painting

Conservator working on the fave of Hans of Antwerp with a brush

A major, two year conservation project by Royal Collection Trust was undertaken into this portrait, A Merchant of the German Steelyard: Hans of Antwerp, by Holbein. This case study explores how the portrait was brought back to life, giving us a clearer idea of what it looked like when Holbein first painted it, and revealing previously lost detail which provide clues to who 'Hans of Antwerp' really was.

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Hans Holbein the Younger (1497/8-1543)
A Merchant of the German Steelyard: 'Hans of Antwerp' after Sep 1532
  • King's Closet, Windsor Castle
RCIN 404443

Holbein's portrait depicts the sitter, who is possibly a merchant, in an expensive but understated fur-lined gown and doublet. He is at work, surrounded by coins, a key and his seal, and is in the act of cutting the string of a letter he has just received – but he has momentarily paused. His quill pen rests on a letter he has just begun. Recent...

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