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Requests for access for groups or individual researchers should be sent to the Royal Library or Royal Archives via email. These will be processed by the Office and Facilities Manager


The Royal Library and Royal Archives apply four principles when considering requests for information from, or access to, their historic collections:

1. ‘Information First’

Access to the collections is on the basis of information sought.

2. Unique Content

Particular consideration will be given to applications where the material or content can be found only in the Royal Library and Royal Archives. Where it can be accessed elsewhere (for example, online or in other libraries or archives), external researchers will be expected to have consulted those sources first.

3. Historical Research

Access is granted for the purpose of ‘historical research’. This term is widely defined, and recognises the huge range of subjects and themes and the myriad ways in which research is conducted.

4. Equitable Access

The Library and Archives aim to provide access to a wide range of applicants, and this may mean that, from time to time, repeat applicants may be  rejected in favour of those applying for the first time.