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James Stephanoff (1789-1874)

The Queen's Closet, Kensington Palace.

RCIN 922154

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  • A white room, large window just seen to left, door at far end leading to other rooms. Many paintings and portraits on the walls. Writing desk and stools to right.

    The Trinity Panels are visible in the Queen’s Private Dining Room next door, as are two overdoors - Henry V (403443) and Henry VI (403442). In this room the overdoors are two Cornelius Johnson portraits, the Earl of Oxford (402979) and an unknown Lady (402978). On the right of the door three larger paintings hang centrally: Benson’s Magdalen (406108), over Luini’s St Catherine (405468), with Gossaert’s Children of Christian II of Denmark (405782) at the bottom. These are framed by 5 pairs (not always closely matched): after Poussin Deposition (top left, 403004) and Van Dyck’s small Duchess of Orleans (top right, 403009), Mazzolino’s Warriors (2nd left, 403008) and Cornelius Massys Landscape (2nd right, 403378); Savery’s Lions (middle left, 405627) and Heemskerk’s Boors (middle right, 403497); an Adoration of the Shepherds after Zuccaro (lower left, 405501) and a Martyrdom of St Bartholomew after Ribera (lower right, 406159); a pair of tiny Steenwyck roundels across the bottom, the Liberation of St Peter (left, 404719) and Figures on a Terrace (right, 404718).

    On the wall opposite the windows has three rows of paintings; the upper row of seven, reading across left to right, is made up of Schoenfeld’s Sarmations (402935), two Clouet portraits, the Duke of Anjou (403434) over Mary Queen of Scots (403429); a large Patch view of Florence (403526), another pair of portraits, Jean Clouet’s Man with Petrarch (404421) over the Flemish Man holding a Bit (402952), and Titian’s Ecce Homo (406066) concluding the top row at this end. The middle row is made up of five larger paintings: Remigius’s copy of Holbein’s mural (405750), Pot’s ‘Startling Introduction’ (405520), Vrancx’s Battle of Be Breaute (405525), Houckgeest’s Palace Interior (402605) and Amorosi’s Man with Guitar (405548). Six little paintings are dotted across the bottom: Elsheimer’s tiny Witch (404717) at the far end, Chiari’s Venus and Adonis (402609), Rottenhammer’s Diana and Callisto (403034) and Brill’s tiny Landscape (403033) are next to each other in the central bay, a larger Remigius double portrait next (403541) and a Rottenhammer Venus and Cupid (no longer in the collection) in the bottom right corner of the image.
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