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Indian; Mughal

Portrait of Bayram Khan c. 1600-05

13.2 x 6.7 cm (image) | RCIN 1005038.h

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  • f. 8 from a Mughal Album of portraits

    Portrait of Bayram Khan, c.1600-05

    Bayram Khan (d. 1561), a Persian noble at the court of emperor Humayun, was appointed vakil on Akbar's accession. He is recognisable from his beard that divides into two. In this portrait he kneels on a brown namda rug with his arms outstretched. He wears a tall Humayuni turban, a long purple jama with a decorated neckline and has a dagger tucked into his embroiderd patka.


    Rubai from the Bustan of Sadi written on blue paper diagonally across the page, the calligraphy enclosed in clouds which are surrounded by gold wash.

    عین بوستان

    خدایا دلم خون شد و دیده ریش / که می‌بینم انعامت از شکربیش

    برو سعدیا دست و دفتر بشوی / به راهی که پایان ندارد مپوی

    Signed: 'The poor slave Abd al-Rhim anbarin qalam jahangir shahi completed in the year 1622.'

    For further information on this album see RCIN 1005038.

  • Measurements

    13.2 x 6.7 cm (image)