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The Surrender of the fort at Udgir to Khan Dawran (October 1636) 1656-57

34.7 x 24.6 cm (image) | RCIN

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  • f.204b: surrender of the fort at Udgir (plate 40) The defeat of the forts at Udgir and Ausa in October 1636 completed the extinction of the kingdom of Ahmadnagar in the Deccan, at the southern extent of the Mughal empire. As the Mughal armies campaigned through the Deccan, their reputation for invincibility alone sometimes persuaded territories to recognise their supremacy: 'Khan Dawran ordered his warriors to break off the attack and sent a message to [Sayyid] Miftah, saying, "If you have the foresight and wisdom to turn the fortress over to the imperials, you will be given quarter. Otherwise you will soon taste the fire-raining swords of my victorious warriors". Sayyid Miftah was so terrified that he could do nothing but acquiesce and come out to Khan Dawran.' The defeated, clearly recognisable as Deccani by their dress, are led out of the fortress with their wrists bound in front of them. They are then presented to Khan Dawran, mounted on a piebald horse. Most of the Mughal forces are shown in prestigious profile view whereas the vanquished are mainly depicted in frontal and oblique views.
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    34.7 x 24.6 cm (image)

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