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Modern Slavery

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2020/21

Royal Collection Trust, and its subsidiary company Royal Collection Enterprises Limited, are committed to ensuring that no form of modern slavery, coerced labour or human trafficking is present within our own organisation or our supply chains.

The main area of activity relevant to this policy is the procurement of goods and services in support of our operations, and the supply chains for our Retail activity.

We aim to conduct our commercial activities in an ethically, environmentally and socially responsible manner. We will not knowingly engage with suppliers of goods or services whose activities contravene our expected standards, and we require all suppliers to adopt the same approach to the management of their suppliers, employees and workers, and in the way they conduct business with third parties.

We endeavour to ensure there is transparency in our approach to modern slavery throughout our supply chains, and our procurement process follows comprehensive internal guidelines. We seek assurance that suppliers are not complicit in any form of slavery, either directly or through their own supply chains, including the use of forced, compulsory or trafficked labour, or any adults or children held in slavery or servitude. We also actively encourage them to use ‘fair trade’ sourced products and raw materials.

A number of policies help to support and underpin compliance with the Modern Slavery Act. Our Procurement Policy references the requirements and importance of the Act as considerations in our procurement process. It seeks to ensure that all our staff maintain the highest levels of honesty and integrity in that process.  Our Safeguarding Policy establishes individual and collective responsibility for safeguarding across the organisation and sets out a code of conduct as a guide and minimum standard for all employees. Our Disclosure and Concern at Work policy clarifies the protection offered to ‘whistle-blowers’ under the Public Interest Disclosures Act, and our Employee Assistance Programme provides an additional, third-party route for staff to seek confidential advice on these matters.

Training is provided to staff in relation to these Policies.  Our Internal Audit programme reviews compliance with and application of these Policies on a cyclical basis.  Our Operations Board is responsible for the management of risk, while our Audit and Risk Assurance Committee assess the scope and effectiveness of systems to identify and manage risk.

We will continue to review our policies and procedures to identify, prevent and mitigate any risks of modern slavery or human trafficking.  Over the coming year, this review will include the development of key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of our policies in relation to those risks.

This statement was reviewed and approved by the Royal Collection Trust Management Board on 19th April 2021. 

Tim Knox, Director of the Royal Collection

Tim Knox

Tim Knox, Director of the Royal Collection ©