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Royal routines and reflections

Inspired by the past and present, we have created a selection of editable activity sheets for children to plan their day, reflect upon what they have done, and to put events into perspective.

watercolour of Queen Victoria in a green dress


Resource 1: Daily routine planner

Throughout history, kings and queens have always had packed schedules! Her Majesty The Queen is busy every day with visits to charities and schools, meeting important visitors, keeping up to date with the latest news and government business, and leading the nation at celebratory events and commemorations.

Try using this daily routine planner to think about what you will do today!

Resource 2: Diary

Queen Victoria was famous for keeping a journal every day. A diary allows you to look back on what you were doing and remember how you were feeling at a certain time.

Use this journal template to write or draw pictures about what you did today.

Resource 3: The Royal Review

A lot of what we know about the past comes from newspaper articles. As they were written at the time of an event, they help us understand details such as who was there, what they were doing and how they felt.

Now it is your chance to record history - use words and pictures in the newspaper template to write about what is happening in your life.

Daily routine planner


The Royal Review