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Virtual jigsaw puzzle

Master: Pair of vases
Master: Pair of vases ©

Jigsaws are experiencing a re-birth in popularity at the moment. This interactive virtual jigsaw puzzle requires no table or excessive space. Enjoy playing conservator as you reassemble this broken Chinese vase, one of a pair that were in Queen Victoria's Buckingham Palace

But first, discover the fascinating story behind our recent conservation effort and the story of how the vase came to be broken:

Conservation Case Study

The restoration of a Chinese porcelain vase

During the 19th century, Ann Barkworth, a housemaid for the Royal Household, accidentally broke one of a pair of Chinese vases into 34 pieces. We know this because a label was placed beneath it explaining why the vase had been conserved. Learn more in our case study.



Try your hand as a conservator to put the broken vase back together again.

Find out more about these vases:

Jingdezhen [Jiangxi Province, China]

Pair of vases c.1700