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Muraqqa- inspired makes

A prince recites poetry to attendants in a garden

The word muraqqa comes from the Arabic word for ‘patchwork’. Have you ever seen a patchwork quilt?

Muraqqa manuscripts look similar to patchwork because they are made up of pictures and words that have been cut out and stuck together on a page, just like patchwork uses pieces of fabric stitched together to create a similar effect.

A muraqqa manuscript is a bit like a scrapbook. The pieces of words and pictures are carefully arranged inside a decorative border. Here are some examples.

Why not make a muraqqa-inspired collage picture at home?

Create your own version by cutting out pictures and writing, then arranging them within a beautiful border designed by you. Create stories in your best handwriting – using a metallic pen if you have one – and combine the words with photographs or illustrations. 

You can even try to reassemble a mixed-up muraqqa in this downloadable activity:


Mixed up muraqqa

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