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The Memorial of Lord Darnley
Livinus de Vogelaare, 'The Memorial of Lord Darnley' (RCIN 401230) ©

Some paintings have lots of little details that may not be noticed at first glance.

We’ve picked out a couple of paintings that have strange, silly or surprising features for you to find!

Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley (1545-67) was the second husband of Mary Queen of Scots and the father of James VI and I. He died a violent death on the night of 9th February 1567, after a visit from Mary, when the house where he was staying just outside Edinb

The Memorial of Lord Darnley ©

Lord Darnley was the second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, and he died in rather mysterious circumstances. On 9 February 1567, the house he was staying in was blown up … but the next morning, Darnley’s body was found in the house’s garden, strangled to death.

This painting was commissioned by his parents, who are the two figures centre-right. It has lots of fascinating details in it!

Try to find:

  • A battle scene
  • A baby wearing a crown
  • Two unicorns, representing Scottish royalty
  • Scrolls around the heads of the figures showing what they are thinking
The meeting between Henry VIII and Francis I, known as the Field of the Cloth of Gold, took place between 7 to 24 June 1520 in a valley subsequently called the Val d’Or, near Guisnes to the south of Calais. The event derived its name from the sumptu

The Field of the Cloth of Gold ©

This fascinating painting was made to commemorate the meeting of Henry VIII and Francis I, the King of France, in June 1520. The name of the painting came from the beautiful materials used to make the tents and pavilions for the meeting.

The painting is interesting because it shows several different moments in one image. Look carefully – how many versions of Henry VIII can you see? What other interesting details can you spot?

Try to find:

  • A dragon
  • The Tudor rose
  • A pair of greyhounds
  • Someone who isn’t feeling very well
  • Cannons firing in celebration
  • England in the distance

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The Memorial of Lord Darnley Dated 1567

British School, 16th century

The Field of the Cloth of Gold c. 1545