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Junior Warden Challenge 6: Bonnie Prince Charlie

Illustration of Palace wardens

Holly and Rudy ©

Welcome to challenge 6 of the Junior Warden Challenge.

In the last challenge we found out about Charles II and his brother, James VII and II.

What we didn’t tell you is that eventually James was forced off the throne and sent to live abroad.  He was the last of the Stuart family ever to be King.

The Stuarts had been Scotland’s royal family for hundreds of years and James had many supporters, called Jacobites, who wanted them to rule again.

His family tried to come back to Britain multiple times to fight for their right to rule again.  In 1745, James’s grandson, Charles Edward Stuart, decided it was his turn to try and take back the throne.

Illustration of Bonnie Prince Charlie

Bonnie Prince Charlie ©


Today we are going to tell you his story. Let’s start with some fact about his life:

Charles Edward Stuart was born in Rome 300 years ago.

He grew up in Italy and had never been to Scotland before 1745.

His full name was Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Severino Maria Stuart. Phew - 9 names!

He was better known by his nickname, Bonnie Prince Charlie.


Bonnie Prince Charlie travelled to Scotland to take the throne from George II.

He organised an army of Jacobite supporters to march to Edinburgh and capture the city.

About 60,000 people came to cheer as Bonnie Prince Charlie led his men towards the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

For the next 6 weeks, the Palace was brought back to life. The prince held celebrations and meetings to plan what to do next. 

He entertained visitors with a glittering ball and the Palace was filled with music and people, just like it had been when his grandfather, James, lived there.


Illustration of Rudy

Rudy ©


Soon, Bonnie Prince Charlie and his men were on the move again.

There were many battles between the Jacobites and George II’s army, but even though Bonnie Prince Charlie and his troops won victories in Scotland, they were unable to conquer England.

Eventually, they were forced back up to the Scottish Highlands where they were badly defeated at the famous Battle of Culloden.

Bonnie Prince Charlie was forced to flee abroad. His hopes of becoming King and taking back the throne for the Stuart family were over.

Challenge 1: A letter from the Prince

Notice signed by Bonnie Prince Charlie

Notice calling for volunteers to enter the service of Prince Charles Edward Stuart, RCIN 1018597 ©

Each challenge we are going to show you an object linked to the person we've been finding out about.

In this challenge we have a letter, signed by Bonnie Prince Charlie while he was staying at the Palace. He is asking for volunteers to join his army.  

Click on the circle to make the image larger.

1) What date was it written on?

2) What time does he want volunteers to meet him at the Palace?

Find out if you were right in the next challenge!

Challenge 2: Complete one of the activities

Make a White Cockade

Crack the Code

Illustration of Palace warden



Before we go, here is the answer to the last challenge's mystery connection:


Charles II wanted to show visitors his links to the Scottish royalty that came before him.

Compare his portrait to some of the others that hang in the Great Gallery.

Can you spot something that looks the same on all of them? THEIR NOSES


In the next challenge we are going to find out about a famous Italian artist called Leonardo da Vinci.

Join us then for another story and more challenges!


If this is the last challenge that you have wanted to complete ask your teacher, parent or carer to email us at [email protected] and we will send you your Junior Warden Challenge certificate!