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Junior Warden Challenge 3: George IV

Illustration of Palace wardens

Holly and Rudy ©

Hello again! Welcome back the Junior Warden Challenge.

In this challenge we're going to have a look at the story of George IV’s visit to Scotland. It was a very extravagant event!

Let’s start with some facts about the King:

He was crowned 200 years ago in 1820.

He was Queen Victoria’s uncle. She became queen after he died.

He transformed Buckingham House into Buckingham PALACE by making it much bigger and creating a grand forecourt. 

He had a bridge in Edinburgh named after him.



You can see what his coronation looked like here:


Illustration of George IV

George IV ©


In 1822 George visited Edinburgh.


60,000 people came to meet his boat at the Port of Leith. 

His visit was a big deal – this was the first time a king or queen had visited Scotland in ALMOST 200 YEARS!

Because of this, a real show was put on.

The famous writer Sir Walter Scott was put in charge of planning all the details, including a spectacular procession on the Royal Mile where George travelled from the Palace to Edinburgh Castle.

The route was decorated with red, green and purple fabric and filled with people cheering. It is said that there was even a glassblower wearing a glass hat!


George IV held a number of events at the Palace, including a banquet and a ball.

1,200 people were invited to one of the biggest events. The queue of horses and carriages dropping people off stretched all the way to the end of Princes Street – that’s almost 2 miles!



Illustration of Palace warden

Rudy ©


Everyone who visited the king was asked to wear tartan as a way of celebrating traditional Scottish clothing.

This was very important because less than 80 years earlier, wearing tartan was banned in Scotland after the Jacobites were defeated at the Battle of Culloden.

George IV had a full highland dress outfit made to show Scotland he felt Scottish too and was proud to celebrate its traditions. 

Do you remember we said it was a very extravagant visit? 

That outfit cost the equivalent of £120,000 in today’s money!

One or two people commented that the kilt was a little too short though, and George must have found Edinburgh a bit cold because he also wore a pair of skin coloured pantaloons underneath!

Although George IV’s visit was short, it was very important to Scotland.

People were happy that royalty were visiting once again and that tartan could be worn with pride.

Challenge 1: Guess the mystery object


Each challenge we are going to show you a mystery object linked to the person we've been finding out about. Can you solve the riddle and work out what it is?


I am something worn around the waist

And made from leather.

I was decorated with jewels for King George IV

And used to keep his kilt together.

What am I?


Find out if you were right in the next challenge!

​Challenge 2: Complete one of the activities below

Design a tartan for George IV

Complete the coronation menu wordsearch

Illustration of Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria ©

Before we go we need to reveal the answer to last challenges ‘guess the remedy’

Sunburn, stings and insect bites

I’m a summer fruit that tastes good with cream



I am a beautiful flower, traditionally thought of as a symbol of love

What am I? ROSE

Stomach pain and sickness

I am a plant with green leaves, I taste like toothpaste

What am I? MINT

How did you do? In the next challenge we are going to find about George’s niece, Queen Victoria. Join us then for another story and more challenges!

If this is the last challenge that you have wanted to complete ask your teacher, parent or carer to email us at [email protected] and we will send you your Junior Warden Challenge certificate!