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George III's children

All of George III’s children were taught to draw from an early age by a number of professional artists, including Paul Sandby (1731 – 1809) and Alexander Cozens (1717 – 86). These vibrant views of Windsor Castle and St Leonard’s Hill, outside Windsor, were both painted on the same day – 8 December 1780 – by Prince Ernest (later Duke of Cumberland and King of Hanover) and his younger brother Prince Augustus (later Duke of Sussex), the fifth and sixth sons of George III and Queen Charlotte. It is likely that they were the result of a collaboration between the young Princes and their drawing master, the artist John Alexander Gresse (1740 – 94), who tutored the royal children from 1778 to 1793. For these landscapes it is probable that Gresse prepared an outline drawing as a basis for the Princes’ bodycolour paintings, doubtless created with a good deal of help from their master.