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Portraits of Alford Gardner, Professor Sir Godfrey (Geoff) Palmer and Jessie Stephens.

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Looking at Portraits


When we look at portraits, there are lots of things we might want to look out for, including:

• Style 
• Format
• Background
• Colour
• Objects
• Expression
• Materials 

Artists make decisions about all of the above, in order to best present their sitter- meaning that each portrait is entirely different. It is unique to the person that it portrays.

The talented artists who created the portraits of the Windrush Generation used an amazing range of different styles, formats, materials and details to ensure that they honoured the person in their work.

You can find out about some of their choices by using the linked resources below. 

Guidance notes on teaching the history of Windrush can be found via this link to the Dept. of Education website.  

Downloadable PDF teacher resources

Looking at Portraits: Presentation

Looking at Portraits: Teacher presentation notes