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Déjeuner des Paintres de Paysage Célèbres (‘Tray and Tea service of Famous Landscape Painters’)

This déjeuner showcases the heights of porcelain painting attained by the Sèvres factory in the early nineteenth century. Each piece reproduces a landscape painting or a cameo of an artist, with the original paintings and individuals identified on the bases of the pieces, including Le Coup de Soleil by Jacob van Ruisdael on the tray, and Poussin on the teapot. The porcelain painters at Sèvres were known to work from engravings purchased by the factory, although for this set it is also believed they had access to the French national art collection at the Louvre. On 9 August 1834 the set was placed on display in the Sèvres showroom; it seems likely it was produced as a showcase, rather than for a particular patron.

No. 131