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Landseer had his first interview to discuss this picture two months after the royal couple's marriage in 13 April 1840; at this stage the painting seems to have been planned as a happy sequel to Queen Victoria Riding Out (Royal Collection), which was exhi

The royal couple loved to present each other with artistic gifts

Headdress from the orange blossom parure 1846

RCIN 65305

In an exhibition, Kensington Palace

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One of the first gifts Prince Albert sent to his fiancée in November 1839 was a gold and porcelain brooch in the form of a sprig of orange blossom. Orange blossom had long been associated with betrothal in both England and Germany. At her wedding, Victoria wore sprays of real orange blossom in her hair and on her bodice. Prince Albert continued to give his wife orange blossom jewellery including another brooch and matching earrings in December 1845 and a headdress on their anniversary in February 1846. The headdress incorporates four small green enamel oranges, intended to represent their four eldest children – Victoria, Albert Edward, Alice and Alfred.