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Detail from a map of India and the Middle East, showing the route of the Prince of Wales' tour

Albert Edward's tour aimed to strengthen ties between the two countries

Indian School

The marriage of Krishna and Rukmini late eighteenth century

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In Bombay, the Prince was invited to the home of Mangaldas Nathubhai to attend the wedding of his two sons. Here he was presented with three albums of Indian manuscript paintings depicting the avatars of the Hindu god, Vishnu. At the wedding Russell was astonished with the quantity of flowers decorating Nathubhai’s house where the wedding was taking place: 'the scene [was] overpowering; nor did any who entered escape the be-wreathment and garlanding, which form part of all ceremonies, the Prince being especially festooned with the choicest’.

This manuscript painting from one of the albums shows the marriage of Krishna (an avatar of Vishnu) and Rukmini, conducted by moon- and starlight in a palace courtyard.