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Detail from a map of India and the Middle East, showing the route of the Prince of Wales' tour

Albert Edward's tour aimed to strengthen ties between the two countries

Northern Indian

Pair of arm guards Eighteenth century

RCIN 11496

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When the Prince visited Gwalior, the Maharaja organised a grand military review, which included 8,000 soldiers. Russell noted the dazzling armour of those partaking in the review: 

Some wore damascened chain-armour armlets and thigh-pieces inlaid with gold. One [wore] chain-armour covered with gold plaques inlaid with pearls; another wore necklaces of pearls and emeralds over an enamelled breast-plate of fine steel

William Henry Russell

As a gift from the Maharaja of Gwalior, the Prince received this ornate pair of armguards made of gold and lined with silk. The handguards are embroidered with diamonds and pearls.