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BBC One The Coronation

This one-hour programme explores the story of the Crown Jewels and the ancient ceremony for which they are used. As part of the film, which marks the 65th anniversary of Her Majesty The Queen's Coronation, The Queen views both private and official film footage and shares memories of the ceremony, as well as that of her father, King George VI, in 1937.

The Crown Jewels, which form part of the Royal Collection, consist of 140 items and contain 23,000 precious stones. These sacred objects form the most complete collection of royal regalia in the world.

Exploring the role and symbolic meaning of the Crown Jewels in the centuries-old coronation ceremony, The Coronation shows these objects of astonishing beauty in new high-resolution footage. The film tells the extraordinary story of St Edward’s Crown, which was destroyed after the English Civil War and remade for the Coronation of Charles II in 1661. It has only been worn by Her Majesty once, at the moment she was crowned on 2 June 1953.

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