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The most famous and beautiful dolls' house in the world

Saloon and Dining Room

Dolls' House Saloon

The Saloon ©

Despite George V and Queen Mary living, in the queen's words, a 'Darby and Joan' existence, the Dolls' House Dining Room was suited to entertaining on a grand scale. William Newton, the then editor of the Architectural Review, wrote of the Dining Room: 'It is a room where parade rather than nourishment is the first consideration'.

The silver in use and on display would have been accessed by the butler from the Strong Room on the lower mezzanine floor. Here, behind fully functional locking grill gates, a silver dinner service for 18 people is kept. When dining was not involved, the Saloon on the floor above would have been used for formal entertaining. Its suite of chairs and sofas are in the style of Louis XV, covered in incredibly minute petit point embroidery.

Dolls' House Dining Room

The Dining Room ©

Crichton Bros. : 22, Old Bond St., London

Set of wall sconce



Whiteside, Miss W. M.

Imperial State Crown

Old Bleach Linen Co.

Set of tablecloths

Garrard & Co.

Kettle and stand

Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens (1869-1944)

Pair of thrones

W Williams (active 1922)

Lacquer cabinet

Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens (1869-1944)

Grand piano

Turner, Lord & Co.

Pair of sofas