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The interior is almost certainly imaginary (as opposed to being specifically of Whitehall Palace), although the event itself could have been witnessed by Houckgeest, who seems to have been at the English court sometime during the mid-1630s. Charles I owne

The ritual of public dining and its trappings in the time of Charles II

William Eycott ? (active 1683)

Caddinet 1683

RCIN 31735

Jewel House, Jewel House

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Caddinets were designed to hold salt and spices in the boxes, with the flat tray being used to serve bread. They were first recorded in France during the reign of Henri II (1547–59), dressing the tables of the nobility. By the end of the following century their use was exclusive to royalty, not only amongst the French but also in other European courts. They were introduced in England by Charles II, who encountered them while in exile. Only three English-made caddinets survive, this being the earliest example, supplied to the king in 1683.