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A group surrounds a harpsichord playing instruments

Many members of the royal family were talented musicians

Louis Haghe (1806-85)

Buckingham Palace: inauguaral concert in the Ballroom c.1858

RCIN 919908

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The new Ballroom at Buckingham Palace opened with an inaugural ball on 8 May 1856. This new space allowed Queen Victoria to indulge her love of music and dancing. Lavish costume balls attended by hundreds of guests are recorded in watercolours by Louis Haghe and Eugène Lami. The Queen’s Private Band, reformed by Prince Albert, performed at these events and at a series of concerts at the palace.

A watercolour depicting the Queen and Prince Albert standing on the right, while the dancers of the English, Scottish, French and Spanish quadrilles approach from the left and make obeisance. <br /><br />The third costume ball at the Palace evoked the rei

This watercolour depicts a Charles II-themed costume ball at Buckingham Palace in 1851. The ball was held in the Throne Room which, until the opening of the new Ballroom in 1856, was a rather cramped venue for such occasions. (RCIN 919904) ©