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Sèvres porcelain factory

Casket and table c 1824

Oak veneered with ebony, fitted with nineteen porcelain plaques and bronze chased and gilt mounts | 115.3 x 78.0 x 45.0 cm (parts .a and .b together) | RCIN 21637

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This Sèvres porcelain-mounted casket standing on a similarly mounted table was purchased for George IV in 1828 by his pastry chef, François Benois. The table and coffer were made by Alexandre-Louis Bellangé (1757–1827).

The casket is of oak veneered with ebony and fitted with porcelain plaques painted with pastoral and mythological subjects. The porcelain plaques were not made for the casket, but assembled from various other sources: some designed as plaques, and others adapted from other wares.

George IV may have been drawn to this object by its overall richness and clever use of Sèvres plaques. In particular, Bellangé’s ingenious use of porcelain and gilt bronze against the black of the ebony veneer is striking.

  • Creator(s)

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    Sèvres porcelain factory (porcelain manufacturer)

    France (nationality)

    Charles-Nicholas Dodin (1734-1803) (porcelain painter)

    François-Joseph Aloncle (active 1758-81) (porcelain painter)

    Bellangé, 33, Rue des Marais, Paris (furniture maker)

    Philippe Parpette (1736-1806) (porcelain painter)

    Philippe-David Soiron fils (1783-1859) (porcelain painter)

  • 115.3 x 78.0 x 45.0 cm (parts .a and .b together)

  • Purchased in Paris by François Benois for George IV at a cost of £250; the entry in Benjamin Jutsham’s receipts’ ledger, dated May 1828, reads: ‘A Ladies Work Table, formed of Ebony, with a Drawer in Front, having 3 Circular Pannels of Seve Porcelaine in Landscape and Figures, the Centre Pannel a Pastoral Subject, the Circles enriched by Blue and Gold Porcelaine, encompassed by Or Molu chased Borders, the ends of the Table having 1 Circular Pannel Each of Seve Porcelaine Painted in Fruits and Flowers, Blue and Gold Seve Porcelaine Pannels, Scarlet Velvet Top, with a small Or Molu Rope border, the Table Mounted upon 4 Fluted Brass and Ebony Legs, capped and Fronted with chased Or Molu, having a Scroll Rail of Ebony and Or Molu , in the Centre of which is a Circular Pannel of Seve Porcelaine representing a Shield, Drapery &c &c. Height 2 F. 51/2 I. Width 2F. 7 I. Depth 1 F. 6 I.
A Ladies boudoir Coffer, formed of Ebony, the Front opening in 2 Compartments with 3 Square Pannels of Seve Porcelaine Painted in Landscape, Male & Female Figures with Fruits wreathes of Flowers, Cupid, Essence Vase &c &c. the Pannels are encompassed by Chased Or Molu Borders, the End of the Coffer has each a Square Pannel of Blue and Gold Seve Porcelaine, in the Centre of which is a Circular compartment Painted in Landscape and Birds, Bordered to Correspond, the Top of the Coffer is richly mounted in open work in Scroll and leaf ornaments in Or Molu, White Marble Slab, and perforated Gallery, Mounted upon 4 Or Molu winged paws, an Or Molu handle at each End, the inside lined with various Woods, Yew Tree, Rose wood, Satin wood, containing 2 Small Drawers, One fitted up with 2 white Metal Dishes, for Ink and Sand. Height 1F. 4 I. Width 2 F. Depth 11 I.’

    Included in the Pictorial Inventory of 1827-33 – RCIN 934867. The inventory was originally created as a record of the clocks, vases, candelabra and other miscellaneous items from Carlton House, as well as selected items from the stores at Buckingham House, the Royal Pavilion, Brighton, Hampton Court and Kensington Palace for consideration in the refurbishment of Windsor Castle.

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