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An ovoid-shaped Chinese Ming period porcelain jar painted in rich blue around the sides with two five-clawed dragons among clouds and with rocks and waves below.  Round the shoulder a stylised shou (long life character) seems to grow out of the lotus

Extraordinary Chinese and Japanese Works of Art in the Royal Collection

Shōji Hamada (1894-1978)

Vase c.1975

RCIN 68402

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Over the centuries, royal visits to China and Japan have often been the occasion for new Eastern works of art entering the Collection. This vase was presented to Her Majesty The Queen during her State Visit to Japan in May 1975, by Prime Minister Takeo and his wife. It was made by Sho-ji Hamada (1894–1978), one of the leading Japanese potters of his day, who also worked for some time in St Ives, Cornwall, in collaboration with Bernard Leach (1887–1979). The photograph below shows The Queen drinking sake during her visit while sat on a traditional tatami straw floor mat (RCIN 2002920).

Queen Elizabeth II sits Japanese-style on a tatami floor mat whilst drinking saké at a restaurant in Kyoto. The photograph was taken during the Queen's six-day State Visit to Japan in 1975. Lady Shepherd and Mr Nakagawa (Head of

State Visit to Japan. [Queen Elizabeth II drinks Saki during dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Kyoto, Japan. Royal Visit to Japan: 1975] ©