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Duleep Singh

Early Photographs in the Royal Collection

Queen Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom (1819-1901)

Maharaja Duleep Singh dressing Prince Arthur in Indian costume circa 1854


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This watercolour shows Duleep Singh dressing Queen Victoria's third son, Prince Arthur, in Indian costume. The Maharaja is shown dressed in nineteenth-century European clothing and a turban. He is, adjusting the young boy's turban.  

In her journal Queen Victoria describes Singh as

the truly amiable young Maharajah, who is so kind to the [Royal] Children, playing so nicely with them

Queen Victoria, Journal, (RA VIC/MAIN/QVJ (W) 22 August 1856)

Queen Victoria later became godmother to Duleep Singh and Princess Bamba's eldest son Victor Duleep Singh, who was named after Queen Victoria's eldest grandson Prince Albert Victor.