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Germany, Albert’s Homeland

In August 1845 Victoria and Albert made their first visit together to Coburg, the birthplace of both Albert and the Duchess of Kent, Victoria’s mother. Keen for a record of their travels, the royal couple acquired works by several German artists. Victoria’s lady-in-waiting, Lady Canning, was also asked to (in her words) ʻdraw all day longʼ during the trip, and fourteen of her views were mounted in the watercolour albums.


Victoria and Albert made two further visits to Germany together to visit their eldest daughter Vicky, who in 1858 married Prince Frederick William of Prussia. That summer the queen and prince stayed with the young couple at Potsdam and went sightseeing in Berlin and the surrounding area. Two years later, Victoria and Albert met their first grandchild – the future Kaiser Wilhelm II – at Coburg and were ʻso happy to see him at lastʼ.