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Prince Albert, Prince Consort, consort of Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom (1819-61)

Dem Fernen 1839

RCIN 1140987

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Music manuscript, 2 pages

This song, on sending thoughts to a distant loved one, was annotated by Queen Victoria: ‘Composed by dear Albert at Windsor Castle & sent to me by him Jan. 5. 1840.’ At the time Albert was in Germany, preparing to leave his home there to move to England and marry the Queen.

'Dem Fernen' translates as 'From afar'. Translated, the first verse is:

'From far away through the still night, I send my greetings forth
And from my yearning heart his gentle words are heard
Only thoughts fly over hills and dales, only a glance
And so the pale moon silently his greetings returns'

And in the original German:

'Weithin durch der Nachte stille, send ich meine Grüsse fort
Und von meines Busens Sehnen höret ihr sein leises Wort
Berg und Thäler überfliegen nur Gedanken, nur der Blick
Und so gibt mir seine Grüsse stumm der blasse Mond zurück'

The Prince composed piano accompaniments for about thirty songs in the 1830s and 1840s, and was a gifted performer on both piano and organ.