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Pomp & Circumstance

Today was indeed a great and memorable day in our lives & one which we can never forget...

King George V's diary account of his coronation, 22 June 1911

George IV acquired this work as a Hogarth: it is typical of his interest in works recording earlier royal history and his enthusiasm for tradition of British art which began to emerge during the mid eighteenth century. The attribution to John Wootton rema

George III's Procession to the Houses of Parliament ©

Ceremonial and pageantry are, for many people, synonymous with the Royal Family. Landmark royal events, such as coronations and jubilees, and important constitutional occasions, like the State Opening of Parliament, are all marked by formal procedures, which, in most cases, have been developed and fashioned over centuries.

Both the public and the private sides of these great ceremonial occasions are reflected in royal records.

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