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This painting was described by Ridolfi when he saw it in the Reynst collection as ‘one of Titian’s exceptional works’ (una delle singolari fatiche di Titiano).The Virgin and Christ Child sit on the bank of a stream set in a landscape in

Madonna and Child in a Landscape with Tobias and the Angel ©

Charles I (reg.1625-49) assembled one of the greatest collections of paintings ever seen in Europe. He brought Italian artists to England, he was presented with paintings as gifts, and he bought many works, most notably the best of the magnificent Gonzaga collection of Mantua.

His collection was sold after his execution, but his son Charles II (reg.1660-85) reclaimed many paintings and also made new purchases. Unusually, Charles II also collected Italian Renaissance drawings, a taste followed a century later by George III (reg.1760-1820), who bought thousands of Baroque drawings for his library.