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The Carnatic under the Wallajah Nawabs

The South Asian ruling dynasty with whom George III and George IV had the closest relationship was the Wallajah rulers of the Carnatic. The Carnatic was a Mughal province at the southernmost end of the subcontinent (encompassing modern-day Tamil Nadu). Its provincial capital at Arcot lay just 65 miles west of Fort St George in Madras.

Although a Muslim dynasty, the Nawabs of the Carnatic were patrons of both the Srirangam temple complex and the nearby Muslim shrine of the Sufi saint Nathar Wali. The two often co-ordinated the timings of their festivals and shared elephants and other regalia.

Indian School, late 18th century

Plan of the Temple at Srirangam

After Francis Swain Ward (c. 1734-1805)

Muhammad Ali Khan, Nawab of Arcot and the Carnatic