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La'l (active 1570-1605)

Folio from a Mughal Album (painting by La'l, calligaphy by Mir 'Ali and Muhammad Husayn Kashmiri). 1590 - 1600

RCIN 1005039

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Verso: Painting by La'l, c.1590-1600 A painting of a prince and his attendants seated around an octagonal pool in a courtyard below a two-storey pavilion. An open book held by the prince appears to be the topic of discussion and a kneeling scribe takes notes behind them. A row of red palings separates the garden area from the trees and rocky landscape which, along with the bird’s eye view of the tiles and fountains, are painted in the Persian manner. Recto: Specimens of calligraphy by Mir 'Ali and Muhammad Husayn Kashmiri A poetic verse in praise of the prophet (Na't); Attar's qhazal number 51 and verses from 'The Conference of the Birds'; a quatrain from Nizami's 'Khusrow and Shirin' and another unidentified quatrain.