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Indian School, late 18th century

Folio from the Gita Govinda. circa 1790

RCIN 1005114.u

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Tenth verse of the second song:

श्रीजयदेवकवेरिदम् कुरुतेमुदम् ये ॥
मङ्गलमुज्ज्वलगीतम् जयजयदेवहरे ॥९॥ ॥२॥ ॥

shrījayadevakaveridam kurutemudam e I
mangalamujjvalagītam jayajayadevahare II 9 II II 1 II II

The Poet Jayadeva joyously sings this song of invocation
In an auspicious prayer. Triumph, God of Triumph, Hari! 9 1

In the final illustration of the second song, the poet Jayadeva sits on a carpet in the centre of a garden as he sings out his verses from apalm leaf manuscript to Radha and Krishna who sit in a pavilion opposite. Below them sit the patron, his father and adopted son (the other man possibly depicts the painter), while two women sit in the pavilion to the left of Jayadeva.