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Arthur William Debenham (1875-1944)

Emperor Nicholas II of Russia (1868-1918) and George, Prince of Wales (1865-1936) 4 Aug 1909

RCIN 2926729

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The photograph, taken in front of Barton Manor (adjacent to Osborne House), records what would be the last visit of the imperial Russian family to Britain. It shows the great familiarity between the two cousins, who also shared a remarkable resemblance. Lili Dehn (1888–1963), friend and confidante of Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna, writes in her memoirs: ‘He [Nicholas II] was always amused by the likeness between him and his cousin, King George. One day he showed me a photograph of the latter, saying, “Have you seen my last photograph, Lili? Doesn’t it flatter me?”’