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Roger Fenton (1819-69)

Sir George de Lacy Evans (1787-1870) 1855

RCIN 2506570

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In the 1820s, there were already fears in Britain about Russian expansion and potential interference in the Ottoman Empire and the route to British India. De Lacy Evans, a well-respected army officer, wrote two books about the threat and how it should be addressed. The more successful of the two, On the Designs of Russia (1828), laid out a step-by-step plan for Britain to follow against Russia. Many of the proposed policies were adopted as war approached, and De Lacy Evans was appointed Commander of the 2nd Division, reporting to Lord Raglan.

As De Lacy Evans returned to Britain before Fenton arrived in the Crimea, this portrait is one of the small number Fenton had to make in London.