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The tendons of the lower leg and foot


Above is a computer-generated model of the lower left leg. It was assembled through computed tomography (CT), a technique that uses X-rays to image slices as thin as 1 mm.

CT scanning maps the relative densities of the body’s tissues; here the densities have been colour-coded to distinguish between bone, muscle and tendon, and rendered partly translucent to convey the three-dimensional structure of the foot.

The tendons of the lower leg and foot, RCIN 919016r ©

This sort of clarity is exactly what Leonardo was aiming at, 500 years ago as shown left.

This sheet shows the left foot and leg from just above the knee, in profile to the left.

The drawing displays the muscles of the calf and the tendons, concentrating on the interaction of the tendons of extensor digitorum brevis and extensor digitorum longus on the upper side of the toes.