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The universe of Leonardo in twelve drawings

A drawing of a nude man seen to below the waist, turned in profile to the left. His head is more finished and squared for proportion. There is also a note on the proportions of the head. To the right is a full-length figure of a nude man standing in profi

The proportions of the head, and a standing nude ©

Date: Wednesday 24 April

Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm

£5 plus booking fee

Leonardo da Vinci was a true polymath - painter, sculptor, architect, engineer (civil and military), anatomist, physicist, geologist…

Join Martin Kemp, author and Emeritus Research Professor in the History of Art at Oxford University, to discover how Leonardo saw ‘art’ and ‘science’ as sharing the same foundations.

The twelve drawings in our exhibition Leonardo: A Life in Drawing will provide an entry into Leonardo’s extraordinary vision, which Kemp says is not based on diversity but on an essential unity at the heart of the way that man and nature are designed.

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