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Primary school activities

Resource National Curriculum, England & Wales Curriculum for Excellence, Scotland

Head to toe: Bodies in proportion

Investigate Leonardo's Vitruvian Man and body measurements. Pupils also find links between Leonardo and themselves.

KS1/2 First/Second

Exploring plants

Step-by-step lily dissection, recording as Leonardo did. Pupils sign their masterpiece backwards too!

KS1/2 First/Second

Inside out: What's inside my hand?

Make medical art in the classroom! Pupils paint the inside of their hand on the outside with help from Leonardo.

KS2 Second

Drawing expressions

Leonardo's drawings show a range of facial expressions, so let's make some masks!

KS1 First

Investigating inventions

Three investigative teams work on themes connected to Leonardo, flight and machines, then feedback their findings.

KS2 Second

Artist's apprentice

Invite students to become Leonardo's apprentices and complete his bronze horse sculpture for the future Duke of Milan.

KS2 Second

Leonardo: Celebrate and share

Launch your own mini museum of Leonardo's studio to show-off class achievements. Invite families to enjoy students' work.

KS1/2 First/Second