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Bunkei (active 1855)

Procession of Emperor Go-Mizunoo to Nijo Castle, 4 November 1626 (Kan’ei sannen Nijo-jo gyōkō). Scroll 2: The Arrival of Chūkamon’in and Tōfukumon’in 1855

Ink and colour on paper | 40.3 x 7.0 cm; 1396.0 cm (Length) (whole object) | RCIN 1145973

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This hand-painted scroll is a copy of seventeenth-century records depicting an imperial procession to the home of the Tokugawa shōguns. At that time, the Tokugawa wielded military power on behalf of the emperor, creating their own court culture in imitation of palace rituals. Colourful depictions of the thousand-strong procession were produced after the visit to demonstrate the accord between shōgun and emperor.