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Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg & Gotha, 2nd son of Queen Victoria (1844-1900)

Queen Victoria and Princess Alice with a bust of the Prince Consort March 1862

RCIN 2900540

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This memorial photograph to Prince Albert, who had died in December 1861, was taken by his son, Prince Alfred, then barely 18 years old. His photograph shows the familiar bust of his father but, instead of placing it to one side, he chose to keep it central to the composition so it dominates the image. Flanking the statue are Queen Victoria and Princess Alice. Both are dressed in mourning clothes which contrast sharply with the whiteness of the marble bust. The Queen's gaze is directed towards her husband and has a longing, resigned quality in keeping with her view that it would be only a matter of months before she would be at his side. Princess Alice sits with her arms folded, as if to keep out the chill, and gazes at the camera with a direct expression that immediately captures one's sympathy.