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ISBN 978 1 902163 21 5
Softback, 160 pages, 240 x 280 mm

This comprehensive publication provides an illustrated account of the history of the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world.

With over 100 colour images including documents, paintings, drawings and works of art, depicting both the building and its inhabitants.

The book also fascinatingly describes chronologically how the structure has changed throughout its history to suit the varying needs of its occupants.

ISBN 978 1 857598 68 1
Softback, 72 pages, 220 x 220 mm

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world.

Originally built by William the Conqueror in the eleventh century, the Castle has seen nearly a thousand years of constant evolution to fit the changing needs and tastes of successive monarchs.  It is today an official residence of Her Majesty The Queen.  The richly furnished royal apartments are home to some of the finest works of art in the Royal spectacular setting for state visits and receptions.

Marion McAuley and Leah Kharibian

ISBN 978 1 905686 72 8
Softback, 32 pages, 245 x 190 mm

Find out all about Windsor Castle - the oldest and largest castle in the world - in this new, official children's guide book from the Royal Collection.

Follow a knight and two children as they explore Windsor Castle in search of the knight's pet dragon.  Discover all sorts of fun facts about the Castle's history and how it is used by The Queen today.  Learn about secret passages, special treasures, the most amazing dolls' house in the world, The Queen's sleepovers - and see if you can spot the missing dragon!