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Capturing the Castle

Watercolours of Windsor by Paul and Thomas Sandby

Inner Hall

  • Daily (Friday, 7 Feb 2014 - Monday, 5 May 2014)

Paul Sandby was ‘the father of English watercolour’. With his brother Thomas, he produced dozens of watercolours that together comprise a fascinating visual record of Windsor Castle during the reign of George III. 

Many of the works incorporate scenes of everyday life at the Castle, from soldiers on duty and deliveries being made, to the visiting public enjoying the Castle grounds. Twenty of the Sandby brothers’ finest views of Windsor are displayed alongside a selection of rare 18th-century guidebooks, offering an intriguing comparison with the experience of visiting the Castle today.

Download the free app that lets you explore Windsor Castle and its grounds through Sandby's watercolours and contemporary photographs, capturing one of the world's greatest and most iconic landmarks.


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Windsor Castle, Windsor, SL4 1PD