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Over 2,500 gifts were sent from well-wishers around the world, ranging from the magnificent diamond necklace presented by the City of London, to a simple bath sponge. Between November 1947 and March 1948 the gifts were displayed at St James's Palace and were seen by over 200,000 visitors. A printed list of gifts and donors was also available. A small selection of these gifts are shown below.

Clothes rationing was still in force in Britain after World War II, so many of the gifts of clothes and textiles were home-made. The Princess was given 131 pairs of nylons and 17 pairs of silk stockings, 38 handbags and 24 pairs of gloves. Shroffs Ltd. sent 101 carpets to be distributed to couples who were also married in November 1947.

Photograph of HM Queen Elizabeth II when Princess, at Buckingham Palace, supervising the packing of food parcels by the Women's Voluntary Services for pensioners and widows. The food was sent by the Dominions and Colonies as a wedding present for Princess

Food parcels for pensioners and widows ©

As food was also rationed, many people sent consumable gifts. These included the ingredients for the official wedding cake, which came from the Girl Guides of Australia, 500 tins of pineapple from the Governor of Queensland, to be distributed by Princess Elizabeth as she wished, sugared almonds, tins of salmon and a box of apples from Kent.

Among the services of china was a Royal Worcester dinner and dessert service from the Brigade of Guards, while the people of France and China presented porcelain from their respective countries. Glass was also a popular gift: President Truman of the United States gave an engraved Steuben vase and cover, and the America Ambassador, Lewis Douglas, provided twelve engraved glass plates. Princess Elizabeth's friends sent her a pair of 18th-century silver-gilt candelabra and a Rockingham dinner service.

Gifts from the Royal Family

Wedding gifts presented by other members of the Royal Family

Gifts from Great Britain

Many individuals and groups also presented gifts

Gifts from Abroad

Gifts were also received from overseas