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There are over 13,000 works of art from beyond Europe in the Royal Collection, comprising objects from almost every country in the world.

South & Central America and The Caribbean

Silverwork, pottery and vibrant depictions of local flora and fauna


Local materials such as coconut fibre, shark tooth and mother-of-pearl have long been used for official gifts

East and South-East Asia

Highlights include the first diplomatic gifts sent from China to Britain, and a stunning array of Indonesian daggers

South Asia

South Asian works of art form the largest non-European group in the Royal Collection, numbering over 2700 objects

Middle East

Queen Victoria’s Persian tiara, and a dazzling array of presentation swords


Expressions of chiefly status - from stools and crowns to gold regalia

North America

First Nations, Inuit & Native American items – as well as official gifts from Presidents of the United States