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photograph of current display in the Grand Vestibule

A display highlighting the interaction between the monarchy and the wider world


Dagger (kris) and sheath

RCIN 62596

Grand Vestibule, Windsor Castle

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The blade of this kris was said to be poisoned when it was first displayed in George IV’s armoury in 1813. It was a gift from Stamford Raffles (1781–1826) who served as Lieutenant-Governor of Java between 1811 and 1816. On his return, Raffles published a History of Java, which was dedicated to George IV (then Prince Regent) in 1817. George knighted him at Carlton House on 29 May that year.  

At the upper section of the blade appears a tiny Singa, a mythical beast combining features of the buffalo, elephant and serpent. According to the Batak peoples of Indonesia, this creature carries the world on its back.