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Woman reclining on a beach

Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House and the changing status of women in the 1920s

Haselden, William Kerridge (1872-1953)

Love at First Sight c.1923

RCIN 927063

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Cigarettes, partying, rising hemlines and bobbed hair were the outward symbols of the ‘flapper’ epitomized in the public figures of the novelist Zelda Fitzgerald and the actress Clara Bow. The flapper was typically an independent young woman intent on enjoyment and opposed to convention. Though she must have been a common sight in towns and cities in the 1920s, within the genteel realm of the Dolls’ House she appears only in this single cartoon. Paradoxically, instead of displaying the confident single-mindedness usually associated with her type, here she is portrayed as a lovesick girl, smitten with an indifferent cad.