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Canadian history, art and the Royal Family's relationship to the country

Probably General Sir Charles Grey (1804-70)

Lower Canada at the close of 1837. 1838

RCIN 1123486

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The rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada in 1837–8 were a shock to the British government, and in response, the Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne, sent John Lambton, Earl of Durham, to Canada to find a solution to the crisis. This pamphlet was probably written by Durham’s brother-in-law and assistant while in Canada, Sir Charles Grey. It describes the situation at the end of 1837 and explains in no uncertain terms why such a revolt would not succeed. Durham recommended several reforms in the Canadas, most notably the union of the two provinces into a united Canada. Grey would later serve as the Queen Victoria’s Private Secretary between 1861 and 1870.