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The idea of painting large-scale decorative canvases full of exotic birds in a formal garden setting was invented in Holland by Melchior de Hondecoeter (1636-95, see for example 405354). Bogdani was born in Hungary and moved to Amsterdam in 1684, where Me

Birds have long been a source of artistic inspiration.

Workshop of Giulio Romano (Rome c. 1499-Mantua 1546)

The Omen of Claudius's Imperial Powers c.1536-9

RCIN 402806

Queen's Bathing Closet, Hampton Court Palace

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A large, dark eagle with wings outstretched is the focal point of this painting, which was part of a series, depicting the ancient Roman emperors, made to decorate the palace of the Gonzaga family in Renaissance Mantua. This eagle has two symbolic functions: within the story being told, it represents Imperial Rome, landing on the shoulder of Emperor Claudius as an omen of his future greatness. Yet the eagle, especially in this pose, also had a more contemporary, heraldic meaning, as it was part of the coat of arms of the Gonzaga family who commissioned the painting.